Personalised Planting Guide - up to 6 months

Personalised Planting Guide - up to 6 months

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Let me become your personal virtual gardening guide!

You tell me what you want to plant, and I'll draw a personal planting guide to suit your garden bed.  I take into account crop rotation, succession planting and companion planting and do all the planning so you don't have to.  

You will receive a month by month plan (up to 6 months) detailing where to plant, how to plant, when to plant, how to fertilise, and when to harvest.  Each month will be accompanied by a visual diagram (like you see on our other planting guides), as well as visual diagrams explaining the companion plants.

Remember I am always on hand to answer questions. 

All you need to do is send me through:

  • a list of all the vegetables you would like to grow;
  • a description or drawing of your garden bed layout up to 4m2 (with any existing perennials like rhubarb or herbs, or other plants);
  • plot orientation (ie which way is north) and how much sun the plot gets;
  • when you want to start planting;
  • any crops you have just harvested;
  • any fertilising you have done; and
  • where you live.

It's that simple!

In up to 14 days you will receive a personalised planting guide.

This is valid for one garden bed approximately 2m x 1m in dimensions.  For multiple beds please purchase this product multiple times.  

Don't forget to include your email at check out so we can contact you or you can email us straight away at