Planting Tips

Plant Support

Before you sow your seeds, it is essential that you decide how you will support the plant.  If you insert plant support into the soil after the plant has established it's roots, you can damage them and set back the grow and ultimately harvest time.

See our Plant Profiles for more information on supporting particular plants.  

Planting small seeds

There is a trick to planting small seeds like carrot or celery, those which are too small to handle individually.  Here is a video demonstrating three way to plant carrots.  

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You simply must mulch.

Got it?
Mulching keeps water from evapourating from the soil which is good for the plant, good for the environment and good for your wallet.
Straw, Lucerne or pea straw mulch is great for vegetable gardens because it's cheap but also breaks down and adds valuable nutrients to the soil. You will need to replenish it when you plant a new crop. Organic is always best.
Aim for at least 1cm thick but 2cm is better. Water it down to stop it from blowing away.
You can mulch over seeds that have not sprouted however only do a light sprinkle so the seeds can push their way up through the mulch. You should still see some soil. A thick layer will prevent them from sprouting.

Mulch keeps weeds down by preventing them from being able to get through the mulch to the light.

Planting Tips