I love discounts! What I have discovered since starting this little venture is that companies are really happy to hand out discount codes.  So here are some I have scored so far...

Rosie lou painted trowel seeds vegetable pun cards

Fun vegetable pun cards, beautiful garden gifts and plastic free seeds!  Check out Rosie Lou.

Little farm plot plant markers  

Metal plant markers with QR codes of planting instructions on the front.  Sustainable.  Sensible.  Sexy.  What more could you want?  Check out Little Farm Plot


compot compost composter

My favourite composting system.  I love this because it's a one step composting process.  Put it in.  Forget about it.  AND you can compost ANYTHING including meat and dairy.  Check out Compot.  (Please note I am not an affiliate, I just love the product and they gave me a code for my followers).


These are affiliate programs. What does that mean? It means that if I’ve used a product or service and liked it, and that product or service has an affiliate program, I sign up for it. Then, when I mention that product or service in one of my blog posts, I provide my affiliate code.

Should you end up buying something using my code, I might get a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for my piggy bank.