Cool Climate

What is a cool climate?

These planting guides are designed to be planted in an empty garden bed that is approximately 1m x 1m, in a cool climate zone in Australian or New Zealand (zone 9) which experiences frosts in winter and hot summers.  All plantings are based on temperatures in a cool climate, however, this guide will also be successful in zone 10 and so can be planted the southern half of Australia from Brisbane down and New Zealand.  All plants are spaced and placed to scale.  The top of the garden should be facing approximately north, so rotate the diagram as necessary.  This is because later when you plant taller crops you need them at the back of the plot so they do not shade other plants.  Please message Growing Vegetables Down Under if you need any assistance orienting your plot.

Before planting any crops ensure you garden bed is weed free.  Add in compost and worm castings to prepare the soil.  If you do not have these, you can purchase organic compost and Seasol from nurseries which will help add nutrients to the soil for a bountiful harvest.  In addition, if you do not have any of the natural fertilisers mentioned below, can buy bagged organic nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. 

All plants are grown from seed unless otherwise stated.  Organic is better but not essential.

Purchase a bag of organic pea straw or lucerne mulch to use after planting.

Cool Climate