Composting, Bokashi and Worms



Composting is the best way of fertilising your soil and if you use all your household food waste then this is absolutely free, sustainable, natural and avoids chemical fertilisers.


I have to say that Compots are the easiest composting solution I've found to date. We have them in every garden bed in the community garden and I love knowing that as a group we are diverting so much food waste from landfill.

Remember I don't receive any money for endorsing this product. I genuinely think it's amazing.


Because it's the only composting solution that I am aware of that Compots EVERYTHING including meat, bones and dairy. I don't have to separate any waste and think about what can and can't be composted. We have 8 at home, one in each garden bed. I tell all my friends and family to buy these. They are just so simple, and with a 1 and 2 year old, I need simple!

So you fill your Compot up and and nature works it's magic. The worms carry the nutrients into the soil and this fertilises an area of about 1m.

I've been asked if I have an issue with rodents or animals digging at it - nope.

Also whether there is any smell - nope, even in summer.

I spoke with Compot and they kindly agreed to give us a 10% discount so check them out. Trust me, it's such an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Traditional Composting

This option is great if you have the space to do it.  It also allows you to compost all your green waste, paper and cardboard too.  Kate, The Compost Queen has a great guide on composting.  Check it out here.


Composting, Bokashi and Worms