Aphids are very small pests which feed on the sap of plants.  They can be green or black.


Their main natural predator is the lady bird and their larvae, and so attracting this helpful insects to your garden should be a priority.

Ladybirds are attracted to pollen rich flowers such as coriander, dill, fennel, marigolds, calendula and sweet alyssum.  Plant these in your garden whenever possible to attract these natural predators.

They are also very thirsty creatures so ensure there are water sources around your garden. The CSIRO has a website called Ladybirds of Australia for further information. 
ladybird ladybug eating aphidsaphids on vegetables stemgreen aphids plant vegetable stem and leaves














Companion Planting

Did you know that aphids, whiteflies and thrips find the sap of calendulas more delicious than many other crops? So plant these beautiful flowers to keep these pests distracted.  In addition to calendula, aphids love to eat nasturtiums.  A spring and summer garden with a scattering of these flowers will ensure aphids are the last thing on your mind.


Other pest control methods