As the weather gets cooler, it becomes harder to garden outdoors. It's cold! But also you need to know your climate and what will grow in your conditions. Check out my "Plant Now" page at www.growingvegetablesdownunder.com which focuses on what you can plant month by month in a cool climate.
But for those who are wanting to stay indoors, this doesn't mean you cannot grow fresh organic food in your kitchen. Microgreens are the answer!
 grow food indoors microgreens
What are they? Basically you are eating the vegetable as a sprout, instead of waiting for it to mature. It's like eating them at their "toddler" stage of growth.
Why would I do that? Because they are packed in vitamins and enzymes and are actually more nutrient dense than their mature versions.
Beginner gardeners? Yes they are a great way to get started gardening because it's hard to fail. This makes them perfect for kids.
What seeds can I grow? Any! But the most common due to their nutritionally value and taste are:
leaves - lettuce, rocket, mizuna, broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, basil, coriander, parsley
roots - radishes, beetroot, carrots NOT parsnips
legumes - peas and beans
grains - wheat and barley
flowers - sunflowers
How do I grow them? Check out this video where I show you!

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