Soil Essentials #3 - Minerals

I told you we'd get to minerals!
The main mineral I harp on about is magnesium. We are all becoming magnesium deficient because we are not getting enough from our food. But they are ALL important - zinc, iron, manganese, copper etc. This is because we either:
  1. Aren't eating enough plant based foods;
  2. Or the plants we are eating don't contain enough magnesium because through commercial farming the soil has been depleted and isn't feeding the plants as it should be.
You can solve this problem by growing food at home and ensuring you feed your soil.
My two favourites are:
  1. Rock minerals
  2. Epsom salts
Rock minerals, not rock dust, is mined from the volcanic layers of the earth and provided to us in bags which we can sprinkle on our garden. Do this at the turn of every season.
Epsom salts you can buy at the supermarket. Add half a cup to a 10L watering can and pour every month. You will need to increase this to fortnightly if your plants start to show signs of magnesium deficiency.

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