March Checklist

Here are a few things to make sure are on your to do list for this month.

1. Plant Garlic

If you haven't put it in the ground yet, I would strongly encourage you to do so.  Yes, yes I know everyone says March and April are garlic months.  However, you have to admit the weather this year as been really odd.  Where was summer?  

Garlic isn't usually put in the ground until the weather starts to turn cool.  Well that's happening right?  My pear tree has already started the lose it's leaves.  So get your garlic growing now.

2. Remove the lower leaves of summer crops

Not sure how you are going to make space for your autumn crops?  You don't need to remove the summer plants, just their leaves.  On a tomato plant remove all the leaves, save for the top 5.  You can do the same for cucumbers, pumpkins and zucchini and just see how much space and light you create.  

3. Get planting

Plant those brassicas and root vegetables out now.  Then you can plant another crop in 4 weeks time.  This is called succession planting.  It ensures all your crops are not ready to harvest all at once, but instead they ripen over a few weeks or even months.  

4. Cut the vines

On vine plants like pumpkins and spaghetti squash, cut the end of the vine off and remove any flowers.  This is because any fruit that form now will not ripen in time before the frost arrives and your vine dies.  So to encourage the plant to focus on fattening up it's fruit and not trying to grow others, cut off the the end of the vine.  TO BE CLEAR, this is NOT the end with the roots in the soil, the other end!  Definitely do not want to cut the roots off!

5. Pinch out the flowers on basil

Even if you are seed saving, don't let your basil plant waste energy flowering.  Cut off all the flowers so it focuses it's energy on the leaves.  If you want to save the seeds, leave the flowers out to dry.  As they do the little black seeds will fall out.  Free seeds!

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