How to get kids to eat vegetables

"Mummy I'm hungry," whinges my 2yr old. 

I can't even list everything he has already eaten today. As I sit here trying to manage the life admin.  Scrambling for a quick fix to the noise, I cave.

"Do you want a cupcake?"

We've all experienced it. That moment when you know you've just started WWIII and initiated yet another tantrum over an insignificant and inconsequential matter that to a 2 year old is soul destroying.

"I don't want a cupcake. I want beans." Tears. Tantrum. Drama. And yet I smile. Because my 2 year old is pointing out the window at the vegetable garden at our fresh green beans. 

Yep!  My kid just turned down sugar and carbs to snack on home grown green vegetables. 

Why? Because he grew them. They are "his" beans. 

When you include your children in the production of the food, they too experience the joy and self satisfaction of the achievement and want to celebrate in the appreciation of that accomplishment. 

Ie, they want to eat vegetables. 

It's not difficult to grow your own food, and you can do it in just a few pots. It's a great way to get kids outdoors and introduce a bit of responsibility. A plant will wilt quickly without water, and revive quickly when watered. Kids love that instant response! And of course, they can eat what they grow (which is the whole point duh!)

Want a few tips to get start? Here are 5 things you can grow right now with kids!

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