3 ways to plant carrots for beginner, advanced and lazy gardeners

Think planting carrots is straight forward?  Well actually it is! But here are three methods of varying levels of effort.

Here is the video for the visually minded or check out the written version below...


In summary, the first method of carrot planting is to dig a small trench and scatter the seeds in.  This will mean that you will have to thin your carrot seeds later, however, it is quick and simple.

The second method is using a shake bottle or a salt shaker.  Mix a pinch of seeds with sand or soil and shake into a trench.  This disperses the seeds so that your need to thin them later is reduced.  

The third method is to use seed tape.  On tape the seeds are appropriately spaced and so there is no need to thin later.  However, this is an expensive option. 

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